Our menu offers traditional Tuscan recipes, an excellent selection of quality dishes served along amazing wines, not to mention vegetarian options and special dishes born from the chef’s constant and ongoing research of quality and genuine products.

At Pepò you can also taste the “Ciccia al Tegame” (pan fried meat) or the “Trippa al Tegame” (tripe), the “Ossibuchi al Tegame” as well as an excellent “Bistecca alla Fiorentina” (Florentine steak) or a “Fritto Misto” (mix of deep fired vegetables and meat).

Pepo’s customers will not be charged service costs


Meat dishes

A mix of Crostini

Tuscan Antipasto

Polenta with Porcini mushrooms

Coccoli (fried bread) with ham and stracchino cheese

Tomino cheese with ham and grill vegetables

Rich Plate (mix of starters) for 2 Pax

Fish & Vegetables Dishes

Marinated herring Pepò Style

Anchovies with garlic sauce

Cannellini beans with lumpfish roe
(Paoli Restaurant’s dish, since 1824)

First Courses

Express Pasta

Risotto of the Day

Pepò’s spaghetti

Vegetarian tagliatelle

Fresh noodles with wild boar sauce

Gnocchi Gorgonzola cheese and rucola

Spaghetti with clams

Ricotta cheese and spinach Ravioli with butter and sage

Home made lasagna

Tagliatelle with Porcini mushrooms

Soup & Pasta

Creamy Pumpkin soup

Pappa al Pomodoro (tomato soup with bread)

La Vera Ribollita (vegetables soup with bread)

Main Courses

From the fryibg pan

Fried slice of beef with fresh tomatoes

Mix of Fried chicken, rabbit and vegetables

Pork filet with balsamic vinegar

Pork tenderloin with truffle

Beef filet Pepò with green pepper sauce

From the grill

Grilled fillet

Thin slices of chicken served with red salad and parmesan

Thin slices of beef filet served with rucola and parmesan

Roast beef with side dish

Beef steak Florentine style ( € 3.9 for 100 gr.)

Meat form the casserole

Tripe from the market

Ossibuchi with tomatoes vegetables and herbs

Meatballs with tomato sauce

Chicken “Cacciatora” Style

“Peposo” stewed beef with a black pepper sauce

Mix of Boiled meat with green sauce and mayonnaise

Codfish (only on Fridays)

Side dish

Mixed salad


Roasted potatoes

White beans

Mixed fried vegetables

Fried vegetable

When in season: fried artichokes, fried zucchini flowers and Porcini mushrooms


Caramel custard

Cream Pudding with mixed berries


Chocolate Cake

Tuscan sweet almond biscuit and Vin Santo

Lemon ice-cream

Vanilla ice cream with hot chocolate sauce

Dessert of the day