Florentine T-bone beef steak is one of the most popular dish of the Tuscan tradition. It is a particular Italian cut of beef meat from the short loin, called also T-bone or Porterhouse. The steak is grilled over a wood or charcoal fire. The perfect Bistecca alla fiorentina is cooked rare.

Story of Florentine T-bone beef steak

The term bistecca is from the English beef-steak, that means literally (steak) of beef. The story tells that it was introduced in Italy from some English aristocrats during the celebration of San Lorenzo, in Florence Central Market Square. Indeed, during the celebrations, the butchers used to roast big cuts of meat for people.  These aristocrats shouted loudly beef-steak asking for themselves as well.

Difficulty: Medium

Cooking: It depends from the weight of the steak.

Preparation: It depends from the weight of the steak.




Black pepper


‘The right temperature of the grill is the most important thing. The charcoal fire should be strong warm but without flames. This is to keep the meat raw inside and cooked outside. Cook both the sides of the steak, then spicing with salt and black pepper grinded right there and serve it. We serve it on a cast iron grill that maintain the warm of the steak. To cook the best bistecca alla fiorentina it is important hanging it for 15 days. Then, we use to keep it out of the fridge for two hours, to make it tender after the cooking’.